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Meetings in 2007

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IQUA Annual Symposium 2007

Ireland's Islands: Quaternary Archives & Occupational Histories

Was held on November 23rd 2007

This year's symposium was based around the theme of 'islands' and built on the annual fieldtrip to the Aran Islands.


  1. Robin Edwards and Tony Brooks, TCD: The Island of Ireland: Drowning the Myth
    of an Irish Land-Bridge?
  2. Michael O'Connell and TIMECH participants, Palaeoenvironmental Research
    Unit, NUIG: Multi-proxy evidence for lake-level and salinity changes in An
    Loch Mór, Inis Oírr: implications for Holocene sea-level change in the mid
    western Irish coast
  3. Pete Coxon, TCD: Clare Island: an island in the way of a LGM ice stream.
  4. Anthony Beese, Carraigex Ltd: Some glacial and post-glacial features of the
    islands of Roaringwater Bay, west Cork
  5. Michael Gibbons, Walkwest, Clifden: The Bronze Age Archaeological Landscapes
    of Inishboffin, Inishark and Inishlyon
  6. Gabriel Cooney, UCD: Lambay and the Irish Sea world in earlier prehistory
  7. Sharon Greene, UCD: Settlement, identity and change on Connacht's Atlantic
  8. Eoin Halpin, ADS Ltd: Man's impact on Machair dune development, Achill
    Island, Co. Mayo.

IQUA Annual Fieldtrip 2007

was held on 7-9th September 2007,

Aran Islands (Co-Ordinator: Michael Gibbons)


IQUA Spring Meeting and AGM 2007

was held on Saturday 31st March 2007,
Department of Geography, NUI Maynooth

Registration: 10.00-10.30am

Morning Session 10.30-11.30

10.30- 11.00: Xavier Pellicer : Characterization of Quaternary sediments using geophysical techniques in the Tullamore region of Co. Offaly

11.00- 11.30: Craig Woodward : Chironomid-based temperature reconstructions spanning the last glacial-interglacial transition (LGIT) from southern New Zealand

11.30- 11.50: Morning Coffee

Morning Session (continued), 11.50- 13.30

11.50- 12.20: Sarah Greenwood : New mapping of the Irish glacial landform record: deciphering ice flow evolution

12.20- 12.50: Dr. Graeme Swindles : Spatial complexity in the climatic response to solar forcing at 2800 cal. BP

12.50- 13.20: Rachel Shannon : Reconstructing the configuration of the British/Irish Ice sheet off the north west coast of Ireland

13.20 - 14.3 0: Lunch

Afternoon Session 14.30- 16.50

14.30- 15.00: Dr. Sara Benetti : The wealth of data from INSS and INFOMAR (integrated mapping for the sustainable development of Ireland ’s marine resources): how much science we get out of it?

15.00- 15.30: Elizabeth McNicholas : Palaeolacustrine deposits in the Slaney Valley

15.30- 15.50: Coffee Break

15.50- 16.20: Bettina Stefanini : Former Landscape: finding the context of change

16.20- 16.50: Ingo Feeser : Reconstruction of hydrology, climate and human impact during the Holocene in the Burren National Park , western Ireland

17.00- ~ 17.40: Annual General Meeting

~ 17.40: Close


Environmental Archaeology in Ireland: new perspectives and recent research
was held on Saturday 17th February 2007
University College Cork, Republic of Ireland

The last decade has witnessed an enormous increase in the number of archaeological excavations being undertaken throughout Ireland. This increase in excavation has been accompanied by a substantial increase in studies relating to environmental archaeology, both in the quantity of work and range of analyses being carried out.

The Cork one-day meeting provided a much-needed discussion forum for workers carrying out studies in environmental archaeology throughout Ireland, as well as updating the wider archaeological and environmental communities of latest research.

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