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The IQUA 2016 Spring Meeting was held on Saturday 9th April at the School of Geography and Environmental Science, Ulster of University (Coleraine campus). The meeting consisted of presentations on new and ongoing Quaternary research, and included a poster session. See the full meeting schedule and speaker line-up.

The meeting was followed by the IQUA AGM on the Saturday afternoon and a field trip along the North Coast on Sunday morning (April 10th). The field trip was led by our colleagues Peter Wilson and Colin Breen and visited several sites along the North Coast from Portrush to Ballycastle to look at records of sea level changes, Dunseverick castle and some glaciolacustrine/marine landscapes.


IQUA 2015 Annual Symposium Poster

This year's symposium theme was "Extreme Earth: Events that Shaped the Quaternary” and the event was held in conjunction with the Irish Geomorphology Group (IGGy), who ran their 2015 IGGy Early Career Workshop and the Third IGGy Scientific Workshop on the them of “Extreme Events (A Geomorphological Perspective)” on the 25th & 26th of November.

The IQUA symposium featured a range of speakers from Ireland and the UK covering various aspects of extreme events during the Quaternary.

Prof. Mike Baillie (Queen’s University Belfast): Catastrophic environmental events that show up in tree-ring chronologies
Prof. Sue Hamilton (University College London): Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Landscapes of Construction
Prof. Sandy Harrison (University of Reading): Paleofires as a disturbance and their interaction with vegetation and climate
Dr. Sara Benetti (Ulster University): Deglaciation / reconstructing retreat of the British-Irish ice sheet
Dr. Benjamin Gearey (University College Cork): Submerged landscapes / Doggerland
Dr. Robin Edwards (Trinity College Dublin): Sea level change with relation to extreme events
Dr. Angela Cloke-Hayes (Mary Immaculate College): Late Quaternary climate extremes in the Mediterranean Sea
Dr. Emma Tomlinson (Trinity College Dublin): Volcanic ash and tephrochronology

See this link for further details on the IGGy Workshop. IQUA thanks Xavier Pellicer, Margaret Browne and Donna Hawthorne for their organizational efforts.


IQUA's 2015 Spring Meeting was held on Saturday 25th April at the Department of Geography, NUIM. The meeting was open to all and consisted of short (20 mins) presentations on new and ongoing Quaternary research. The meeting was followed by the IQUA AGM. See the meeting programme.


IQUA's 2014 Autumn Symposium took place on Friday November 28th in the Geological Society of Ireland's Lecture Theatre, Beggar's Bush, Dublin 4. The symposium theme was, "Lakes: Reflections of our past", and featured a range of speakers from Ireland and the UK covering different aspects of lacustrine research.

The line-up included Prof. Michael O'Connell (NUIG - Lake sediment archives); Prof. Phil Jordan (University of Ulster – Modern: lake eutrophication trends and recovery); Dr. Aaron Potito (NUIG – Biological proxies: chironomids); and Dr. Micheline Sheehy-Skeffington (NUIG – Turloughs). Keynote lectures will be delivered by Prof. Chris Caseldine (University of Exeter - Growing importance of Quaternary science) and Dr. Cathy Delaney (Manchester Metropolitan University - Glaciolacustrine sediments and landforms).

The full symposia schedule is also available for download in pdf.


IQUA's Annual Spring Meeting (2014) took place on Saturday 29th March. The Meeting was free to all and was held in the School of the Human Environment, University College Cork. IQUA's AGM followed, during which we discussed and decided to undertake a bid to host INQUA in 2019 and a joint field trip with the QRA in 2015, as well as plans for 2014's Field Meeting and Autumn Symposium.

Here is a summary of the fascinating programme at 2014's Spring Meeting: Peter Woodman asked whether there was life before MIS3, Margaret Browne looked at Mediterranean sea surface temperatures during the Younger Dryas. Staying marine - Mark Coughlan investigated Palaeo-archives on north-west Europ’s shelf seas and Andrea Waitz looked at Coastal peat deposits. Donna Hawthorne examined Fire and vegetation history in the Galtee Mountains and Alwyne McGeever investigated Bog pines in Ireland. Benjamin Gearey and Nora Bermingham took a closer look at Palaeoclimate from a peatland perspective while Susan Lyons studied Plant remains. Mick Corcoran examined Signs of medieval land use in Ireland and Joanna Nolan looked at a Children’s burial ground in Co Mayo.

IQUA thanks the conference organizer, Dr. Ben Gearey of UCC, for all his work towards a very sucessful Spring Meeting.

IQUA also congratulates the winner of the Best Postgraduate Presentation Prize of €100, Alwyne McGeever for her presentation on Bog pines in Ireland.

For more details, see the Meeting Timetable.

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