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IQUA 2010 Autumn Symposium Poster

IQUA's Autumn Symposium 2010 took place in the Lecture Theatre of the Geological Survey of Ireland, Beggar's Bush, Dublin 4, on Friday 26 November, 2010. The conference theme was "Ireland's Offshore Quaternary Sediments" and focused upon recent and ongoing research into Ireland's offshore Quaternary landforms and sediments.

The symposium offered a rich, exciting and wide ranging series of speakers that provided an entertaining and rewarding symposium addressing critical issues in our understanding of the extent and behaviour of the British-Irish Ice Sheet, the contribution of this ice sheet to the ice rafted detritus (IRD) record in the North Atlantic during the earliest to latest parts of the Quaternary, oceanic processes over time around Ireland, and more.

As one of our Keynote speakers, we were delighted to welcome back Prof Colm Ó'Cofaigh, a Dublin native. Colm is internationally recognised for his groundbreaking work on the reconstruction of physical processes associated with former ice sheet dynamics, as recorded in marine sediments, and demonstrated by his recent receipt of both the QRA's Lewis Penny Medal in 2005 and the Lyell Fund of the Geological Society in 2009. Colm spoke on the topic of "Reconstructing ice sheet history on glaciated continental margins: an offshore perspective".

The strong connection of many researchers' work to the ongoing scientific rewards of the INSS and INFOMAR seabed mapping and characterisation programmes of the GSI and Marine Institute was recognised by the kind sponsorship by INFOMAR of a small drinks reception following the symposium.

A short round table discussion regarding the future of core storage in Ireland is also immediately followed the meeting.

The symposium poster can be found here in pdf, and the symposium programme is given below.

Start   Finish
9.30     10.10   Registration/coffee
10.10   10.15   Welcome

10.15-11.00 - Colm O'Cofaigh (Durham) Reconstructing ice sheet history on glaciated continental margins: an offshore perspective.
11.00-11.30 - Andy Wheeler (UCC)  Latest surprises from the offshore record of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: ice-calving at 2.6 Ma and other oddities.

11.30-11.50 - Coffee & Poster session

Shelf Seds
11.50-12.15 - Sara Benetti (UU) Geomorphological and sedimentological record of glaciation on the western Irish margin.
12.15-12.40 - Xavi Monteys (GSI) Walking on Ice footprints around the Porcupine Bank.
12.40-1.05 - Mike Williams (NUIG) Sea level and climate events deduced from sediment cores in the Galway Bay area, Ireland.

1.05~2.15 - Lunch (Bring a packed lunch or dine at local pubs e.g. Beggar's Bush/Slatterys)

Deeper Water Seds
2.15-2.40 - Lee Toms (UCD) Stratigraphy, sedimentation and facies distribution on the Porcupine Bank and links to Late Quaternary climate variability.
2.40-3.05 - Nicholas Owen (TCD) Ice sheets and ocean change - new results from the Porcupine Bank, NE Atlantic.
3.05-3.30 - Aggeliki Georgiopoulou (UCD) New insights on sedimentary processes during the formation of the Rockall Bank Mass Flow: initial results.
3.30-3.55 - Daniel Praeg (OGS) GLAMARous RIDGES: Mapping the extent(s) of the BIIS on the Celtic Shelf.

4.00-4.30 - Discussion on future Core Storage options in Ireland.

Special Presentation
4.30-4.40 - Boris Dorschel (UCC) Canyons, Channels, Seamounts, Escarpments, Mounds and Ploughmarks: An Atlas of the Deep-Water Seabed.

4.40-5.30 INFOMAR-sponsored Drinks Reception & Poster session.



IQUA's 2010 Spring Meeting and AGM took place on Saturday 27th March, kindly hosted by the Department of Geography, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick. The Best Postrgraduate Presentation Prize was awarded to Jenni Roche.

The meeting's programme is given below.

10.00 Registration
10.30 Welcome

10.35 Nick Owen (TCD) Preservation of Quaternary oceanographic processes in continental slope deposits, Porcupine Bank, NE Atlantic Ocean
10.55 Darren Barry (MIC) Test size variation of planktonic foraminifera during sapropel deposition in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
11.15 Theresa Broggy (MIC) Holocene coiling variation in the planktonic foraminiferal sepcies Globorotalia truncatulinoides in the western Mediterranean Sea

11.35 Coffee

12.00 Benjamin Thebaudeau (TCD) Testing relative sea-level change simulations : a marine geophysical perspective
12.20 Michael Gibbons New insights into the devolpment of Skellig Michael based on recent research

12.40 Lunch

14.00 Jenni Roche (TCD) Holocene dynamics of Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine) in Ireland and palaeoecological evidence for its continued survival in the Burren through the late Holocene
14.20 Filippo Cassina (MIC) Palaeolimnological reconstructions of two coastal brackish lakes: Lough Furnace (Co. Mayo ) and Lough Murree (Co. Clare), Ireland.

14.40 AGM followed by drinks reception.


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