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IQUA Autumn Symposium Poster - 2012

IQUA's Annual Autumn Symposium took place in the Geological Society of Ireland headquarters, Beggar's Bush, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, on Friday 30th November, 2012, from 9.30am.

The symposium theme was: Remote sensing: Applications in Quaternary Science, Archaeology and Landscape Management.

This symposium included presentations on both terrestrial and airborne geophysical survey, LiDAR in management contexts and satellite imagery. Speakers were from a variety of settings, both private and public sector.

The Keynote Address was presented by Prof. Michael Doneus, Director of the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science and Deputy-Director and Key-Researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology. Prof. Doneus spoke on the topic of "Advancing the documentation of buried and submerged archaeological landscapes".

The full names and affiliations of the speakers, alongside their presentation titles, are given below.


Kevin Barton

Landscape Geophysical Services

Geophysical imaging in geological and archaeological investigations in some Irish wetland environments

Conor Galvin

Office of Public Works

Applications of Remote Sensing in Flood Risk Assessment in Ireland

Paul Gibson & X. Pellicer

NUI Maynooth

Investigation of Quaternary sediments using 2D time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography

Michael Sheehy & Ray Scanlon

Geological Survey of Ireland

The Tellus Border Project

Robbie Meehan

Geological Survey of Ireland/Talamh Ireland Ltd.

Irish Quaternary Geological Mapping: Sediments and Geomorphology

Anthony Corns

Discovery Programme, Ireland

Arriving at the same point: Method and technologies for the 3D modelling of landscapes

Keith Challis


Beyond Red: Applications of Multispectral Remote Sensing in Geoarchaeology

Keynote: Michael Doneus

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna

Advancing the documentation of buried and submerged archaeological landscapes

A full-size version of the symposium poster can be seen by clicking on the image above. The complete Symposium Programme & Abstract booklet is also available (click on link).

For queries relating to this Symposium, please contact Stephen Davis (stephen.davis@ucd.ie) or Bettina Stefanini (stefanb@tcd.ie).



IQUA 2012 Spring Meeting Poster

IQUA's 2012 Spring Meeting and AGM was held Saturday April 14 in the School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen’s University Belfast. Prof. Paula J. Reimer of the 14CHRONO Centre delivered the Keynote Lecture, entitled: "Reliability of radiocarbon dating mollusc shells from Irish sites".

The 14CHRONO Centre with its excellence in dating and isotope analysis is a major hub of Irish Quaternary research and also kindly sponsored a wine reception following the Meeting and AGM for all attendees.

The full programme of speakers can be found below. The programme and abstract booklet can also be downloaded here in pdf or docx.

9.30am // Registration.
10.00am // Welcome to the 2012 IQUA Spring Meeting and AGM.
10.10am // Maarten Blaauw (QUB) Out of tune: the dangers of aligning proxy archives.
10.30am // Gayle McGlynn (TCD) Sediment-based evidence for Holocene environmental change from the Virunga volcanoes in the Albertine Rift, central Africa.
10.50am // Keynote talk: Paula Reimer (QUB) Reliability of radiocarbon dating mollusc shells from Irish sites.

11.10–11.30am // Coffee/Tea

11.30am // Karen Taylor (NUIG) Ecological impacts of early farming in western Ireland: a palaeolimnological approach.
11.50am // Michael Dempster (UU) A geochemical approach to glacial sediment provenance in Northern Ireland.
12.10am // Michelle McKeown (NUIG) An assessment of recent climate change and ecological response in NW Ireland using chironomid-based palaeolimnological reconstructions.
12.30am // Kate Johnson (QUB) Investigating late-glacial and Holocene environmental change in South America using phylogenetic and palaeoecological techniques.

12.50–1.50pm // Lunch

1.50pm // Sara Benetti (UU) The offshore flow of the British-Irish Ice Sheet recorded by buried and exposed glacial features on the western Irish shelf.
2.10pm // Joyce Novak (MIC) An Examination of Four Vibrocores from Galway Bay – Preliminary Results.
2.30pm // Rory Flood (QUB) Sedimentary processes and provenance of the West Bengal Sundarbans: results and interpretations of facies dynamics.
3.00pm // Annual General Meeting – all welcome

Poster Presentations
Maureen McHenry & Paul Dunlop // Reconstructing the last Newfoundland Ice Sheet through the last glacial cycle (~28ka-10ka yr BP).
Michael Philcox // A large glacio-tectonic raft of Carboniferous Limestone in Killala Bay, Co. Mayo.

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